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The Seminar includes keynote address and plenary lectures, and oral/poster presentations. The focal theme will have only invited presentations and panel discussion of experts. Papers can be submitted for all the sub themes. Oral presentations of contributed papers are limited to 10 minutes including discussion.

Though the presenters can opt for oral and poster presentations and the theme, the review committee will decide the mode and theme of presentation. The abstract(s) should be submitted for both forms of presentations. The number abstract per presenting author is limited to one in each theme.

All meeting rooms are equipped with LCD projectors and Windows-based PCs. Presentations can be saved on a CD-ROM disk or a USB memory stick. Please test your presentation and bring a backup. Presenters must use the host computers for PowerPoint presentations.

General instructions for preparing the abstract

All abstracts must be in English. The abstract may be prepared using font style TIMES NEW ROMAN in following format.

Title of paper: The abstract title to be in CAPITAL LETTERS only, with the scientific names in ITALIC (Font Size 14)

Author(s): Presenting Author’s name should be underlined (Font Size 12)
Example: Sona, S.S.,1 Singh, R.K.,2 Das, P.1* and Kumar, A.B.3
Affiliation : Type Authors’ institution, address and email (only for corresponding Author, denoted by astrix). Type in regular upper/ lower case in ITALIC, Font Size 11)

In the case of multiple authors, indicate the addresses by superscripted Arabic numerals.

1Department of Zoology, Layola College, Channai, Tamil Nadu
2,3 Department of Zoology, Bangalore University , Karnataka

Abstract: The abstract should be of a maximum of 500 words. It should be typed in 12 font size

Keywords: Add any five keywords relevant to the abstract. Avoid words given in title.

Page Size: Standard 8.5″ x 11″ paper (portrait)
Margins: 1-inch margin throughout (left/right/top/bottom)
Spacing: Single spaced
Paragraphs : Paragraphs should be separated by a blank line and should NOT be indented

At least one author should register by paying the required registration fee. There will not be any on-spot registration for presentation.


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Poster Presentations

Posters must be in portrait, DIN A0 format (84 cm wide x 119 cm high).

  • Include the title and authors of the poster as listed in your abstract.
  • Information on the poster should flow from left to right and from top to bottom
  • Keep your poster simple – avoid too much information, stick to two or three main points
  • Double-space all text, using left justification.
  • Use short sentences, simple words and bullets
  • All information should be large enough to be read easily from at least one metre distance, suggested text size is at least 24 point; author(s) and affiliation(s) should be at least 42 point; subheadings should be at least 60 point.
  • Self-explanatory graphics should dominate the poster; keep captions brief