Pre Conference Workshops

05-06 January 2021

Workshop on Panchakarma

Workshop on Panchakarma is planned with these two objectives – a thorough theoretical and practical coaching for young students and budding practitioners; and an adequate support session for the seniors. The resource persons for this workshop are established teachers and experienced practitioners at the same time.

Workshop on Marma

The written and oral traditions are rich knowledge sources for “marma’, the unique structural and functional understanding of vital spots in the body.  There are experts in Kerala and Tamilnadu, representing Ayurveda, Siddha and Kalari, who with their use their knowledge about marma to devise treatments not just for trauma but also for many common pathologies. This Workshop will bring the best of both these traditions and it will be an opportunity for those who what to better their skills as clinicians.

Workshop on Netrachikitsa

Netrachikitsa is a live tradition in Kerala, with physicians having experience in managing an amazing range of eye diseases with great success. A wide variety of treatments they use exclusively for eye disease are not practically taught as part of the curriculum as other treatments generally for the body. This workshop is to provide hands-on training in such procedures and to expose the participants to their diverse clinical uses.

Workshop on Taxonomy of Medicinal Plants

Medicinal plant usage in Ayurveda manufacturing sector faces unusual difficulties unlike in the past. Dwindling natural resources, for reasons like destructive harvesting and adverse climatic conditions, is a prime concern. Add to that the rampant adulteration triggered by greed or just an inability to meet the demand. Industry stakeholders adhering to their medicine manufacturing ethics, depend heavily on taxonomy experts to identify the right raw material and reject the wrong – a fete possible even from samples of dried plant parts. This workshop is planned to highlight that role of taxonomist and to help them share their expertise to the QC staff of Ayurveda manufacturing industries.

Workshop on ‘FOOD AS MEDICINE” (exclusively for foreign delegates)

Food and activities cover broadly all the external factors responsible for healthy and unhealthy states of life. For that reason all diseases are understood as “lifestyle disorders”, giving a prominence to dietary and activity modification as part of the treatment regime. Among the two, food is more important as it is one of the sustaining pillars of life. Many diseases could be managed, or even corrected, just by deciding what you choose to eat, how you process it and how much you eat. Knowledge about the basic concepts of food and nutrition, properties and use of various food items, healthy combinations of food items and their processing are what intended to be taught as part of this workshop.

This workshop is exclusively for foreign delegates. Use of knowledge of application of “food as medicine’ will be helpful to compensate the legal restrictions on Ayurveda modalities and offer primary care in common disease conditions.