Global Ayurveda Exhibition


07-11 January 2021

Individuals, institutions and organizations in the field of Ayurveda represent an apparently diverse, yet inherently unified, styles, methods, products and services. Arogya Expo will be the platform to exhibit everything made, served and sold in the name of Ayurveda to a global community.

Spotlighted exhibitions

Medical Tourism: Ayurveda hospitals-Treatment, services and specialties

Hospitals which play a vital role in “’today’s world of Ayurveda treatments” ‘will be showcased. The potential curative aspects of Ayurveda medicine and the scope of services will be highlighted.

Wellness Tourism: Ayurveda Spa & Resorts

Ayurveda tourist centres and spas, which give tourists visiting Kerala, a flavour of the magic of Ayurvedic rejuvenation therapy play a prominent role in popularizing Ayurveda. Reputed Ayurveda Tourist Health Centres and Spas in Kerala will be making their presence felt through dedicated pavilions.

Home Pavilion: The Science of Ayurveda

The Science of Ayurveda Pavilion is a unique section meant to expose the general public to everything that they need to know about Ayurveda. It will present Ayurveda in a comprehensible manner highlighting its eight clinical specialties (ashtanga ayurveda).

Ayurveda Products- Medicines, Cosmetics, Equipments and Publications

This section is where the classical and patented products from all major Pharmaceutical Companies in Ayurveda, equipment and appliances, books and publications are showcased

Processing  Equipment/Packaging

Medicine ,Food, Beverage, Processing Technology, Specialized Packaging,  Encapsulation Equipment, Labelling.

Food  & Beverages

Natural & Organic Foods, Health and Dietary Supplements, Diet Products, Sports Food, Nutritional Drinks Antioxidents, Fortified Foods, Fruits , Vegetables, Dairy Products, Readymade Meals, Soya Products, Honey, Dry Commodities, Cereals, Gluten-free Foods, Mineral Water & Beverages, Refrigerated / Frozen Foods, Marine & Other Products .

Ayurveda Education Expo

The Ayurveda education has expanded manifold, with numerous professionally run groups which offer a host of new courses both nationally and internationally. In this Ayurveda Education expo, will feature some of the most prominent names in the field of professional education of Ayurveda.

Medicinal Plants- live plants and raw materials

The medicinal plants Expo is aimed to give a fillip to the medicinal plant conservation and promotional activities. This platform will showcase various activities that are relevant to cultivation, conservation and popularization of Medicinal Plants.

  • Plants of CharakaSamhita

This special section will feature 650 odd medicinal plant species from the oldest known textbook of medicine in the world – the Charakasamhita . It will offer a great learning exposure equally to students, teachers, practitioners of Ayurveda and public at large.

  • ‘Agryaaushadha’

“Agryaaushadha” or the chosen best plants for various conditions and popular single remedies will be exhibited in the venue. Ayurvedic clinical practice has now become product based rather than plant based. The purpose of this section would be to educate on 100 essential plants for clinical practice so as to begin the reversal of this trend. Students can avail the service of botanists, local health experts (“naattuvaidyam”) and ayurvedavaidyas at the venue to learn more about the exhibited plants.

Ayurveda Food Court

Food and dietary habits being the essence of Ayurveda, the food expo will have the different types of food advisable according to the prakriti of persons, seasonal foods, special foods for preventing diseases, health promoting foods, Ayurveda diets for women and children, weaning foods etc. The traditional Kerala cuisine and live demonstration of their preparation will make the stalls more lively and interesting.