Ayurveda Solidarity Meet

08-10 January 2021

Ayurveda Solidarity Meet will bring together various public personalities like Political Leaders, Policy Makers, Educationists, Poets, Writers, and Social Workers, who are ardent followers of Ayurveda to generate more interest among the public to pursue Ayurveda and to give a much needed impetus to the efforts of mainstreaming Ayurveda both in India and abroad.

Cultural Meet

Ayurveda is deeply in grained into the cultural ethos of India, and it is only logical that we leverage the natural patronage that Ayurveda holds among the cultural icons of our times to promote Ayurveda locally and globally. The Ayurveda cultural meet is being organised with the intention of bringing together cultural icons from varying background to give voice to their immense belief in Ayurveda and thereby reach out to public at large.

Political Meet

Political patronage is critical for any scientific system to reach out and gain prominence in a society, and it may not be incorrect to say that Ayurveda has not received political attention and patronage that it ought to have, in the country of its origin in the last six and half decades since independence. The Ayurveda political meet is being conceived at GAF with the intention of engaging with the political class to expose them to the inherent strengths of Ayurveda as a complete healthcare system and its immense contemporary potential.

Media Meet

The fourth estate plays a very important role in our social life and for a science in transition a proactive support from their side is a must. This meet is meant to bring together senior journalists from print and visual media to garner support for contemporary Ayurveda.