International Cooperation Conclave

Actualizing Ayurveda’s Global Potential 

This will be the platform where the people with the same professional background who are able to mark their space in wider aspects and also beyond our boundaries will be sharing their experiences and challenges which they had to face in the path of their success. It will have the participation of AYUSH officials, Industry stakeholders and economists.

International Delegate Assembly  

Theme: Globalizing Ayurveda – Scope, Challenges

Ayurveda services and products are available all over the world. There are many Ayurveda learning opportunities in all these places too. There are isolated initiatives in the research field as well. However, only in a few countries Ayurveda related activities happen in a legal and ethical manner because of many reasons that are unfavourable. Despite that there are crusaders across the globe, passionately committed to the promotion of Ayurveda, fighting many adversities to establish authentic Ayurveda. In this section, which will be organized in multiple sessions, we will have major players from the US, Europe, Russia, Latin American Countries, ASEAN countries discussing their country specific scope, challenges and solutions in the presence of formal representatives of governments.

Panel Discussion – Ayurveda in Africa: Assessing India’s 


India and Africa share a rich history of use of traditional medicines in healthcare delivery. Of late there is also a growing global recognition of efficacy of traditional health practices in meeting local healthcare needs. In light of the recent policy push towards greater engagement with Africa through the ’10 Guiding Principles for India 

Africa Engagement’, Ayurveda can serve as an important vehicle to meet the objective of one of the Principles, i.e., healthcare support. The rise of non-communicable diseases such as hypertension, heart diseases, and diabetes, and high costs associated with modern health care systems give Ayurveda an opportunity to showcase its relative strength in the area.  Offering such services and using its own experience to facilitate integration of African medicine into the continent’s national health care systems open up new possibilities towards deepening India’s engagement with Africa.

India’s own domestic preparedness for this global promotion becomes crucial in this regard. Ensuring product safety and quality assurance through stringent standards subscriptions is imperative. Besides domestic standards, it is global standards development that will give Ayurveda the acceptance in international destinations like Africa. Given the extensive use of medicinal plants as a fundamental component in traditional healthcare system, sustainability, and traceability in supply of raw materials is also important. Cooperation and mutual support at international flora relevant for traditional medicine is key to growth of traditional medicine systems of India and Africa. Towards this end, evolving joint strategies for expansion of trade classification through Harmonised System (HS) of Codes is important. India- Africa partnership at the World Customs Organisation (WCO) for expansion of HS codes to accommodate herbal sector could prove a mutually beneficial proposition.

The Panel will explore prospects and challenges of trade in Ayurvedic and herbal products and services. It will also discuss promotion of Ayurveda in Africa including possible areas of collaboration and suggest strategies towards this end.

Special Session on Ayurveda Medical Tourism

This will be a high-level event aimed at stakeholders from global medical tourism and international patient market and service providers from medical, wellness and hospitality industry in India.  The purpose is to highlight the medical might of Ayurveda, to iron out policies and plans for adaptation to newer global medical requirements and to facilitate meeting and formalizing collaborations with global partners.  

This session will be attended by Governmental representatives too, who have admirable initiatives to promote Medical and Health Tourism in target markets and at various international platforms by making use of the potential and advantages that are available in India – like Ayurveda.