GAF every edition publishes full paper of the selected abstracts as proceedings after the event. You are requested to submit the full paper on or before 25 FEBRUARY 2021 by sending the document to If you DO NOT want to submit the full paper for publication, kindly let us know. Please do not send hard copy of your paper.

Submit the paper in MS Word format only. Prepare entire text in Times New Roman font in 12 points in A4 size page, with single spacing. Insert figures in the place where they appear in the text with appropriate labels in consecutive numbers (mention the figure and table number in the text as well). For the tables give the titles at the top and for figures, at the bottom. Never insert images of tables and tables should be prepared in WORD only. All images used in the text should be submitted as JPEG or TIFF images with minimum 300 dpi resolution. The graphs if any may be submitted in Excel file if you could not convert them into JPEG/TIFF. The maximum number of pages may be 10 A4 size pages (if you have a longer paper, kindly provide justification in the covering letter)

For references follow the same format as in model paper and it should be full.

Submit the full paper with the following documents

  1. Cover letter indicating the paper title and authors (may be pasted as email body)
  2. Text file containing text/figures/Tables (MS Word only) (you can also submit a supplementary PDF of the same file)
  3. All images in JPEG/TIFF (with minimum 300 dpi)

The papers submitted not in tune with the format suggested will be rejected.

Order for arranging the contents


Name of the author(s)

Address of authors (while authors in more than one institution are involved, kindly show then with superscripted Arabic numerals and the name of the corresponding author with asterisk mark. Avoid all salutations along with names, and follow APA (American Psychological Association) Style

Email of corresponding author

Abstract (in 300 words)

Keywords (avoid the key words in title; maximum 8)

INTRODUCTION : Limit to one or two paras


Explain the methods in detail, quote references of tools used wherever needed. It may be divided into subheads if needed


Do not show the same results in graph and tables. Use simple figures and avoid low quality images.

Insert tables in table created in word and never paste images of tables. Do not set tabs.


Discuss the results by comparing it with literature available



Keep in alphabetical order and never use numbers or bullets. Follow APA (AmericanPsychological Association) Style

For clarification please contact

Dr.Anjana CS
Fourth GAF Secretariat
Mob     :+91 9995904946
Email    :