FICCI Confirms Partnership


After a prospective meeting between FICCI and CISSA officials on 9th January 2020, FICCI officially gave consent to be a part of GAF. Mr Manish Singhal, Deputy Secretary General and Ms Daulata Chakraborty, Deputy Director, FICCI represented FICCI at the meeting with Dr G.G. Gangadharan and Dr Suresh Kumar C, President and General Secretary, respectively, CISSA and thoughts on inviting participation of countries from multiple regions were discussed. Measures for the free flow of Ayurveda products to countries that had established ban on such products were explored during the meeting. Steps to initiate introductory road shows and seminars in various countries and selected Indian states were also finalized. The inclusion of FICCI will let GAF reach new heights in terms of visibility and triumph of GAF 2020.