Ayurveda MSME Meet

Ayurveda industry, majorly its manufacturing and service sectors, is dominated by micro, small and medium enterprises and together they contribute more than the major players – whether towards the growth of this sector or in the provision of employment opportunities. However most of them have a growth or a reach that is not proportionate to their potential. The limiting factors are many, one being the lack of a coordinated effort to facilitate the development of these enterprises as also enhance their competitiveness, despite the immense support governmental initiatives offer. 

This meet is to bring together the majority stakeholders of Ayurveda sector whose enterprises belong to the micro, small or medium categories. This meet is also meant to help beginners dreaming entrepreneurship.  

The Meet will focus on: 

  • Innovation promotion, 
  • Technology and quality upgradation
  • International cooperation
  • Cluster development,
  • Marketing assistance 
  • Entrepreneurial and managerial development all meant to augment the productivity, demand and reach of this sector enterprises. 

It will also be an opportunity to know about the various schemes under the Ministry for each of these objectives.