Fourth Global Ayurveda Festival

It is Global

For the individuals and institutions cherishing a dream to go global – GAF is the beginning. It is a platform to coordinate the efforts of all committed members from these countries to place Ayurveda as a global system of medicine. The stakeholders from many countries will be sharing their experience, needs and ideas for collaborations as they look at Ayurveda as something worth depend upon. GAF – the vision and the opportunity are truly, purely global. The previous editions of GAF had an encouraging participation of stakeholders from world over, precisely from 42 countries in the last GAF. We expect more participation this time and foresee contacts, business, services and expertise transcending boundaries with ease.


It represents the glorious traditions and regional excellences of Kerala Ayurveda.

Kerala had remained the cradle of pristine knowledge, culture and heritage, including that of Ayurveda. Ayurveda, as it is practiced in Kerala, has come to represent an untainted form of traditional Indian wisdom on health and medicine. This virgin form of Ayurveda has been enriched with immense regional innovations and improvements to take the shape and form we see today. The contributions of Ayurveda traditions of Kerala, in the form of commentaries to classical treatises and as texts on applied Ayurveda and as formulations and treatment modalities, have made this state emerge as “Ayurveda’s own country” for seekers across the globe.  The status of Ayurveda in Kerala is thus unique, with many living traditions unknown to other parts of the country and with the highest practitioners to population ration in comparison to any other place in the world.

It is a Festival

GAF is conceived not as an exclusive serious academic program or just as a fun filled celebration. It is indeed a ‘festival’ in its true sense. “Utsava”, the festival in Sanskrit, means ‘upwardly mobile/flowing’. It is also a significant ritual traditionally initiated to rectify the negativities that lessen the presence of divinity in a place of worship. The intention behind GAF is similar – the authenticity and purity of Ayurveda are to be upheld and the upward progression of this science needs to be facilitated. It has a combination of everything essential for this to happen – intense academic sessions, exhibition, panel discussions, debates, public awareness programs, social participations, incorporation of art and culture etc.


Fourth Global Ayurveda Festival 

Globalization is the spread of products, services, information, and jobs across national borders and cultures. For a traditional knowledge system like Ayurveda, it is a social, cultural, scientific, political, and legal phenomenon. What we wish and strive for is a globalization that doesn’t alter the identity of Ayurveda. GAF is meant to project and promote authentic Ayurveda with science, services, products and policies occupying the centre stage of expositions, deliberations and exhibition, arranged as part of this mega event. GAF will function as a platform for global players, policy makers, practitioners and preachers to meet and transcend to the next level, in business, international facilitations, and universal health care. The door to the world that waits for Ayurveda opens with GAF. Enrol and Explore!

Focal Theme - Ayurveda Medical Tourism: Actualizing India’s Incredibility

Since the time men sails in search of treasure, pleasure, land and wisdom, to buy or to sell or just for adventure a good number of foreign feet that fell on Indian soil, sought perfection and a sense of completeness. Ayurveda and Yoga were the two streams of Indian knowledge that helped them achieve spiritual, mental and physical well being. This happened much before we realized the economic importance of Ayurveda and Yoga.Government of India has decided to make these traditions available to the humanity and to make use of the potential and advantages that are available in India in the field of Medical and Wellness Tourism.Medical and Wellness paradigms sustain the health continuum – something very close to Ayurveda in concept and application.

The scope of Ayurveda as a curative medical system is immense in a global platform.  Add to this the roaring wellness industry that provides Ayurveda care, mainly preventive in nature, especially for the major killers – the life style diseases. India is considered as the fastest growing travel destination for health seekers, with a projected 22 % annual growth as per the last available Global Wellness Tourism Economics Report. Such an international tourist contributes more towards foreign exchange than an average international tourist as the first spends 65% more than the latter. These medical and wellness tourism potential of Ayurveda translates the “incredibility” of India to a more meaningful manner.

GAF is bringing together the world of Ayurveda’s medical/wellness care providers and its health seekers to one platform this May. Here we will proudly showcase this potential of Ayurveda to the world, deliberate course of action for a global promotion of Ayurveda’s medical potential and present to the policy makers, an undeniable proposal for a better positioning of Ayurveda – nationally and then globally.

Ayurveda Medical Tourism will be featured in all the three major components of GAF, International Seminar, Global Ayurveda Exhibition and Global Ayurveda Matrix, as plenary deliberations, exhibits and business explorations respectively.