Global Ayurveda Festival 2020

Civilizations have endorsed intellectual conclaves as their existential necessity. When great minds met history was made…or unmade. Powerful thoughts have changed the course of politics, countries and mankind. Whenever human being felt it difficult to “be”, guiding thoughts have come as saviors. It was this profundity in a blessed few that helped the advent of Ayurveda from its celestial abodes, as the myth exalts. An impeccable system of thinking and communicating kept this sastra alive, helping it keep an unbroken continuity, helping it trounce intimidating invasions and innumerable adversities. Let us salute those masters and their minds!

The sparks of the quest for knowledge and experience have expunged all boundaries and we stand with our traditional wisdom facing a global community represented by simple clientele to serious scientists. We are happy to invite you for the Global Ayurveda Festival IV, planned to make the most needed dialogue to happen on Ayurveda in a contemporaneous setting. It will be for 5 days from 20 to 24 August 2020.  Angamaly, Kerala will become the venue for us to see new dreams about Ayurveda and to get guided to materialize them.

This time GAF will have having three major components, an International Seminar, a Global Ayurveda Exhibition and an International Cooperation Conclave.


Team GAF 2020

Shripad Yesso Naik

Patron GAF 2020

Union Minister of State, the Ministry of AYUSH

Smt. K.K Shailaja

Patron GAF 2020

Minister of Health and Social Welfare, Govt of Kerala


Chairman, GAF 2020

Union Minister of State for External Affairs & Parliamentary Affairs, Govt. of India

Roji M John

Vice Chairman GAF 2020

MLA, Kerala State

Dr.P.Madhavankutty Varier

Working Chairman, GAF 2020


Secretary General, GAF 2020

Dr. C. Sureshkumar

General Secretary, CISSA